Resume Workshop

Hi Franklins! I’m Sharanya Ananth, your Academic Chair for the BFS program this year. We recently held a Resume Workshop on September 9th. This event was a chance for students to prepare and improve their resumes ahead of the annual Engineering Career Fair, which was held virtually this year.

After a short presentation, students worked in groups of 2-3 to critique each other’s resumes, giving valuable feedback to their peers. Students were paired together by their majors ahead of the event, so the workshop portion of the event gave underclassmen the opportunity to connect with upperclassmen and meet new Franklins in at least one of their majors. If you’re interested in knowing what we discussed regarding crafting a great resume, here’s the presentation that we used.

We’ll be holding another Resume Workshop ahead of the Spring Career Fair, so don’t worry if you were unable to attend! Additionally, our Secretary-Treasurer, Sarah Taylor, is organizing a Resume Booklet, which will be a collection of resumes from Franklins that will be distributed to representatives from companies that plan events with our program. You can submit your resume via this Google Form.