Conspiracy TEDTalks

Hey everyone! This is your Social Chair, Michael Clark. This Friday we just had the first-ever Conspiracy TEDTalks presentations! During our event, people revealed the dark secrets of the government and foreign forces aimed at subverting the common man. From employing privacy-invading spy-ders to the use of climate change as a means of ensuring economic independence. Afterward, everyone talked about some of their favorite conspiracy theories.

Additionally, we had two awards for people who made the most impressive presentations. The Redonkulous Award was given to Madison Horgan for having the most deranged conspiracy theory. The FBI Watchlist Award was given to Connor Malley for having the most believable and plausible conspiracy theory.

Even if you were unable to attend you are welcome to watch the Zoom Recording (Access Passcode: 29%G$QQ0). Maybe one of these theories will inspire you to bring your own conspiracy to our next Conspiracy TEDTalks!