Franklin Formal Dinner + Alumni Panel

Last Sunday (11/12) was our Franklin Formal Dinner. We enjoyed a tasty meal of roasted chicken and ratatouille. This is our required event for the semester so all 100 members and 11 alumni joined us for a fun night of networking with alumni and our classmates! The alumni panel provided helpful wisdom and reminisced on their time at NC State.

Thank you to all the alumni who came and a special thank you to all of the alumni on the panel, Kim Roberts, Andy Crocker, Heather Weinstein, John McLaga, and Kent Dezendorf! I also want to give a thank you to Dean Lavelle for his speech and overall support for the program. Finally, I need to thank Dr. Ross Bassett as without him and his guidance, the program would not be as special as it is!

It was a memorable evening enjoyed by all. We look forward to the expanding alumni connections within our program in the future.